Player Transfers

Choose your player

And match him with a club.

Back the move

To secure your part of the deal.

Get rewarded

If the player signs for a club.


Empowering football fans

We want to make the world of football a little bit better by providing a framework for the fans to impact player transfers.


Crowdfunding player transfers

Our unique Mover platform is being built by the fans, for the fans. As a fan, you can directly connect and support the transfers of players you would like to happen.

Live Campaigns

FC Radomlje, Slovenia

Summer 2021 Transfer Window: supporters of the elite Slovenian league club FC Radomlje have a chance to purchase exclusive club-related goods and thus contribute to the fund which the club will use to sign new players.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

We are a sports tech startup playing our game in the middle of the three forces in a football player market. The first one are clubs, the second one are players and agents, and the third one - and this is where we make a difference - is our community of independent football enthusiasts who help kickstart player transfers.

What do we do?

There is a huge interest of football players to move to the right club and as a result, club scouts are often flooded with emails and whatsapp messages containing player profiles they can not even check. Even if they do, they only do it briefly, making them miss opportunities to sign good players. By allowing home-based scouts (that is You!) to check and back particular transfers, we: 1. provide clubs with a much needed filter of player profiles, 2. get quality players a chance to be discovered, 3. enable football enthusiasts to engage in the real player transfer market

Why do we do it?

Because we love creating new opportunities! Plus, we believe we can make a world of football a little bit better by helping small and medium sized clubs find appropriate players for their teams. This is our way of leveling the field with the big clubs and making more equal conditions of the beautiful game we all love.

How do we ensure the rewards for the community?

We have a deal with every club and we earn a commission for each player we bring to the club. In case the player signs for the club, we will split the signing fee among all the backers.

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